What it Takes to Build a Business from Scratch

The most common way for people to build up wealth over time is building a business of their own. When you work for someone else, much of your productivity goes toward making them wealthy. It’s commonly thought that starting a business is a difficult process, but in the day of e-marketing, this might not be the case. A physical store is not necessary. Massive startup costs are even optional. Here are a few tips to get a business built up from scratch.  (more…)


Five Tax Secrets All Small Businesses Should Know

The following information probably will not save you any money on this year’s taxes, but in the years to come, your small business will be able to save quite a bit of money and headaches. These are tax loopholes specifically beneficial to small businesses. They can all be used at once too. Begin using them right away, so next year you can see the sizable savings. Here are five incredible tax loopholes designed to for small businesses. (more…)


Business Bites: How to Stop Common Glitches in Your Systems

Every business owner deals with computer problems from time to time, and while frustrating, usually aren’t the end of the world. Most common computer glitches do not require expensive repairs and your systems will be up and running after just a few hours. Before you hire a technical support expert, you should try these common repairs. Knowing how to handle some common glitches can keep you in the clear and your business up and running no matter what. (more…)


How to Improve Your Management Style from the Inside Out

As a manager, you may not always be happy with the performance of your employees, but it’s also important to remember that the performance of your employees is often a reflection of your own performance and managerial style. How you interact with your employees and the strategies you use to motivate and mentor them may need a tune-up. Here are some ideas to help you improve your management and keep things moving at a good pace for your business. (more…)