A Lesson From American History in How to Make Your Small Business A Success Story

Perhaps you’ve heard the old saying that failing to plan is the same as planning to fail.

It’s commonly attributed to Benjamin Franklin, the 18th century inventor and politician whose belief in the value of preparation was strong enough that he once made a list of more than a dozen or so character traits on which he planned to structure his life.

Franklin’s preparation paid off. Today, he’s remembered not only for signing the Declaration of Independence but for researching electricity, serving as the U.S. ambassador to France and founding the University of Pennsylvania. (more…)


Your Timeline to Successfully Starting a Business

When you make the choice to jump into small business ownership, it can be tempting to try to get your new venture up and running as soon as possible. But just like the choice to start a business should be carefully considered, there are certain steps in the business timeline that require a thoughtful approach long before you open your doors. Whether your dream is to start a frozen yogurt franchise or a green construction start-up, here’s a step-by-step timeline of how to take your idea from a hazy concept to a thriving business. (more…)


5 Financial Resources for Budding Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs face many challenges in getting their business ideas off the ground. Perhaps one of the most difficult parts of making your entrepreneurial dreams a reality is finding the funding you need to start business and learning how to successfully manage your business finances once you’ve launched. Fortunately, there is a wealth of great resources out there for budding entrepreneurs that want to learn more about business funding and finances. (more…)


4 Questions To Ask Before Starting a Mobile App Development Project

Most businesses know the potential value of a mobile application, be it in terms of adding a new sales channel, leveraging the promotional value, or offering unique services.

There are many other reasons why companies elect to have a mobile app developed, and equal for all of these projects are the underlying core values and ideals behind it.

Even though most business owners are aware of the benefits and upsides to having their own native app, we regularly come across clients that only know they want an app, not what that app should do, or what problems it should solve. (more…)


How to Improve Your Management Style from the Inside Out

As a manager, you may not always be happy with the performance of your employees, but it’s also important to remember that the performance of your employees is often a reflection of your own performance and managerial style. How you interact with your employees and the strategies you use to motivate and mentor them may need a tune-up. Here are some ideas to help you improve your management and keep things moving at a good pace for your business. (more…)