How to Improve Your Management Style from the Inside Out

As a manager, you may not always be happy with the performance of your employees, but it’s also important to remember that the performance of your employees is often a reflection of your own performance and managerial style. How you interact with your employees and the strategies you use to motivate and mentor them may need a tune-up. Here are some ideas to help you improve your management and keep things moving at a good pace for your business. (more…)


13 Benefits of Online Invoicing for Small Businesses

In a traditional business model, every paper procedure is full of administrative steps and quirks. Also, it is time-consuming.Time is money, especially now when everything tends to automate.

We used to print invoices for years, put them in an envelope and send by mail to the customer. Although there is a more effective solution today, many companies still send invoices this way. There are so many reasons why you no longer need to do that. (more…)


5 Questions to Answer before You Incorporate Cars into Your Business

A key to success for small business owners is keeping a firm grip on expenses, and certainly, buying a car is a big one. If not done correctly, you could find that acquiring a car for your company sets you on the road to business failure. But purchasing a vehicle for your company can have a lot of advantages, too, including some that actually can improve your bottom line. In the right situations, it can boost productivity, bolster your company’s reputation and raise customer awareness. (more…)


3 Different Bookkeeping Strategies: Which One is Right for my Business?

Each business has its own unique circumstances and preferences. Large conglomerates or international corporations will most likely opt for an in-house accounting team that can be adjusted to their particular circumstances. For the rest of us small business owners, there are three basic solutions to choose from. Now let’s see which one of these shoes fits best… (more…)


How to Become the Perfect Leader for Your Business

Launching your own business might have been your lifelong dream, but this is not a destination, in fact, your journey has just become. Besides daily business challenges like taxes, staff necessities or marketing strategies, another crucial aspect should also consider is improving your managements skills. If you want your small business to thrive, you need to know how to guide everyone toward success. Let’s look at these basic abilities that can help you become the perfect leader for your business. (more…)


3 Tips to Help You Balance Work and Family During the Holidays

They say entrepreneurs are the only ones who will work 80 to avoid working 40, but during the holidays, that simply shouldn’t be the case. This past decade there’s been a huge increase among forward-thinking companies, encouraging employees to spend more time out of the office, and some going so far as to sponsor paid sabbaticals.

So is this just a bunch of hippie talk? Not according to several scientific studies quoted by Inc. which include: stress reduction, heart disease prevention, improved productivity, and better sleep. (more…)

Andy runs through Shenzhen Airport with check-in luggage.

How to Bring Your Business into the 21st Century

There is no doubt about it; the worlds of business and commerce have changed beyond almost all recognition since the turn of the century. Some businesses have yet to fully embrace the technological revolution, particularly smaller ventures who despite recognising the importance of innovation are failing to act due to the cost of implementation and a fundamental lack of knowledge. (more…)


Experts Weigh In: How are you celebrating Small Business Saturday?

Entrepreneurs everywhere have a little more than just turkey on the brain right about now… Small Business Saturday is just days away!

Here at MyCorp we’re celebrating by teaming up with Webiquity to give our customers a free domain name! Just make sure you have your MyCorp sign-up coupon code (if you’re not sure what that is, ask your sales rep for one and they’ll help you out!).

We wanted to know how other small businesses were planning to celebrate this Saturday so we asked around. Here’s what our experts had to say… (more…)