How Employers can link into Linkedin

A lot of social media analysts see LinkedIn as being a tad one sided – there are plenty of people who consistently update their profile anytime they think of something new to brag about, but there aren’t many employers looking for new hires on the service. Most sectors have more jobs than people, so employers don’t feel compelled to strike out and search for that perfect new hire.

So LinkedIn sadly stagnates with page upon page of resumés.

I find this extremely disappointing – LinkedIn should be just as widely used by employers as it is by people looking for a job. Employers just need to learn how to make the leap and start using LinkedIn properly.



Our Top 3 Halloween-Themed Promotions of 2011

Every business engages with Halloween in their own way. Some places dress up, some write relentlessly on the topic for an entire week, and some actually use the holiday to promote themselves. Thanks to social networking keeping us all in the loop online, a lot of businesses have found it incredibly easy to connect with their customers at a much more personal level by simultaneously celebrating Halloween with their customer base and promoting their brand. It seems like the amount of promotions that come up grows every year, but here are our top three Halloween related promotions for 2011: (more…)


Gen Y and Small Businesses: Together We Can Make a Difference!

Marshall McLuhan is famous for stating that “the medium is the message”, a phrase that means that the form a message takes ultimately affects the way in which it is perceived. Gen Y, or the Millennials, of today’s society know backwards and forwards that if you want to have your voice heard and heard in large numbers, the best way to achieve this is through networking through social media outlets. Today, everyone who is out to make a name for their selves is creating a Facebook fan page and updating their status. They’re Tweeting live every hour on the hour, blogging to an audience of thousands, even creating podcasts on iTunes for those on the go to download and listen to when they’re on the road or at the gym or even on their lunch break. Today’s generation is logged on, signed in, and synced up 24/7 to all of the latest news and trending reports- and not only do they love it, they rule these virtual realities.

Big businesses have taken note of social media practices and are now integrating it into their work force, creating positions for tech-savvy individuals in the areas of SEO and SEM content production. They’re even offering creative media and graphic design internships for individuals and students who need the experience to pursue their career with. Most businesses today understand that social networking is here to stay and with dozens of reputable sites to work with, fewer and far in between do you find a company without a blog or Twitter account. (more…)