How to Choose The Best Domain Name For Your Business

It’s common for entrepreneurs to put a lot of thought into naming their businesses, but, oftentimes, the domain name doesn’t get nearly the same amount of attention. In an age when every business is checked out online prior to becoming a customer, a brand’s online identity is just as important as the business name.

Here are some tips to choose the best domain name for your business from both a branding and SEO perspective: (more…)


How to Draw Traffic to Your Website without Paid Advertising

Whether you are selling paper clips, vehicles, or merely selling your own private consultation online, you will need to attract lots of traffic to be able to convert a portion of those people viewing your offerings into quantifiable sales.

Two ways to do that are either to pay for it or to generate it for free. Paid traffic is generated through online advertising campaigns and can be very costly, but has a quick turnaround. Free traffic is labeled “organic” traffic because it stems from the natural process of attracting your own customers via content marketing and other online strategies. (more…)


Your Small Business Finance Timeline

They say timing is everything, and nowhere is that phrase truer than in the world of small business — especially when it comes to business financing. If you’re relying on some type of funding to get your business off the ground, your opening date is completely dependent on when you’re able to secure start-up capital. So before you commit to a deadline, make sure your expectations are realistic by understanding the small business financing timeline: (more…)


Content Marketing Tips for Healthcare Organizations

Content marketing has become an increasingly popular strategy for promoting businesses and brands. In most industries, content such as case studies, customer reviews and testimonials can be published and shared freely with a wide range of people. However, the medical industry in most countries is governed by laws which protect patient identity and data. You should therefore ensure that your content does not violate any of these laws.  (more…)


How Social Media Activity Promotes Your Business SEO Activities

There are three things that businesses cannot afford to lack nowadays and they are related to each other. The first one is a website. You cannot do without a website in this day and era. The second one is a social media account- actually several social media accounts. Thirdly, you cannot afford to do without search engine optimization services today. SEO is the reason why some businesses are very successful and others are not all that successful. To some extent the search engines run your business. They decide who is going to get to the top of their results pages and who will lag behind. (more…)


How to Write an “About Us” Page that Attracts New Customers

Do you cringe at the thought of writing about yourself?

You’re not alone.

The dreaded “About Us” page can leave the best of writers slumped over their keyboards.

Knowing that it is one of the most frequented pages on your site only waters that growing pit in your stomach.

Most small businesses will resort to typical methods for filling out this page by answering some pretty basic questions: (more…)


5 Documents Every Startup Needs

Starting your first business is a thrilling experience, from concept to reality, it can be a surreal and often overwhelming undertaking. As much as it is a creative process, it is also a legal one, so you should be sure to have everything you need to start out as smoothly as possible.

Follow along as we explore five of the most-used documents by small businesses and why you may need them. (more…)


6 Items to Focus on Before Selecting a Web Host

Nowadays, having a website is an indispensable requirement for every small business. A website allows you to reach a wider audience with your products and services. You could even set up an e-commerce site which allows customers to buy items directly from you. When setting up your site, one of the things you will need to decide is where you will host it. With the numerous Web hosting companies out there, choosing the right host for your business can be very difficult.

Here are some guidelines which will help you make the right decision: (more…)


Do you really know who you are giving credit to?

One of the major challenges facing small businesses is customer invoices going unpaid for weeks on end and causing significant cash flow issues. It is no wonder, then, that owners of these businesses might be hesitant to give credit to customers when they don’t know that they will ever see the money they are owed.

Think about it – do you really know who you’re giving credit to? How do you know if they have the resources to pay it back? Is this going to be money you and your company never see again? You would probably only offer credit to a client that is having cash flow problems of their own, so there is a real risk that you might not see the money again. At the very least, it’s important to assess the credit risk of new customers. (more…)