5 Reasons Why Your Company’s Resolutions Will Fail But Your Goals Will Succeed!

With 2013 quickly approaching, how many resolutions will you imagine compiling for your business over this next month? And exactly how many of them will have fallen off the radar by February 1st? Resolutions have a low success rate, and there’s a good reason for that, they are nothing but ideas.  Refurbish your resolutions so they won’t fail – turn them into actionable goals!

Here are 5 reasons why your company’s resolutions may fail unless you turn them into goals: (more…)


Guest Post: Do You Wear the Captain’s Hat?

As a business owner, you’re no doubt very familiar with long days and sleepless nights. Depending on your company’s size, you may have already figured out that babysitting, counseling, marketing, payroll, P&L, ROI, accounting and planning and hosting the company holiday party, are just a few of the many hats you’ve become accustomed to wearing throughout your daily life.

If you are just starting out, or perhaps thinking about launching into the entrepreneurial world of business, hang onto your hat(s). You’ll need to learn how to wear them all, whether they fit or not, if you want your dream to become a successful reality. (more…)


Guest Post: Where Do You Get Stuck With Money?

As a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner, new clients come to me because they want advice on specific issues like:

What can I do to get better control of the cash flow in my business?
How can I develop a budget that allows me to spend and save?
Can I afford to get office space?
Am I on track to retire?
How should I invest my portfolio?
How can I get ahead in my financial life?

I bring up the definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. As I begin to answer these questions, my clients realize that most financial decisions they must consider somehow relate to making a change. They become more aware of what’s getting in their way and begin to reflect on the notion that something has to change. (more…)