Annual Reports – File on Time

Annual Reports – Do You Know When to File? Now is a good time to review corporate compliance for corporations and LLCs. Stay compliant with state regulations by ensuring a timely Annual Report filing. Most states require each corporation or LLC to file an informational report, known as the Annual Report, to confirm things like business address, officers, directors, etc. Because requirements vary by state, it can be difficult to remember when the Annual Report needs to be filed. MyCorporation knows the filing deadlines for each state. Some states require Annual Report filings by a specific date each year (like March 1st). While other state filing deadlines can be based on the anniversary of the corporation or LLC formation. In addition, while most states require this report each year, some only require it every other year. Continue reading

Keeping Your Corporate Machine Running Smoothly

There are several parts to maintaining a corporation throughout the year in order to remain in compliance with the state.  Maintaining proper corporate documents is essential to running a successful corporation. Without it, the corporate veil may be pierced and the shareholders may be personally liable.  The corporate veil is the barrier that separates the corporate entity from the people who own the corporation.  This is what allows the corporation to be its own legal entity capable of buying property, suing, and being sued.  If this veil is pierced, then the separation between the corporate entity and the owners is destroyed and the individual owners of a corporation can be held responsible for all of the corporate liabilities.  The last thing any corporate shareholder wants is to be personally responsible for the liabilities, losses, and debts of a corporation. Continue reading

Corporate Compliance in the New Year

The new year is the perfect time to get organized and clean up your business matters…Whether it’s forming a corporation or limited liability company (LLC), protecting your business assets, or maintaining/updating your corporate or LLC documents, now’s the time.  It’s a new year and time to start 2008 on the right foot – and can help with all of your business and document filing needs.             The following advantages of incorporation should be considered when forming a business: (1)        Incorporate!  The most obvious advantage of incorporation is the limited liability of the company’s shareholders. A company is an entity separate and distinct from its shareholders. The company owns and operates the business and also incurs its liabilities, therefore, the owners of a corporation or LLC can minimize, if not eliminate, the personal risk. Forming a Corporation can provide the protection and tax savings needed to give you peace of mind and make your business even more successful and profitable.  (2)        Benefits to Incorporating. The following are just some benefits associated with incorporating: (a)        Tax Advantages.  Incorporation often provides fore greater tax deductions for the business, your employees, and potentially for family members of business owners.  Even if you are the only shareholder and employee of your business, benefits such as health insurance, life insurance, travel and entertainment expenses may now be deductible (b)        Easier access to capital. Most sole proprietorship and partnership business owners know how difficult it is to raise additional capital for their businesses.  Investors tend to shy away from partnership investments because of the risk of subjecting their personal assets to the liabilities that may arise from the business in which they are investing.  On the other hand, a corporation can readily raise capital by issuing additional shares of stock.  Investors can purchase shares in return for their capital.  This allows a business to raise money without incurring debt or interest charges, thus lowering the cost of capital.  Continue reading