Five CEOs that Showed Us How NOT to Run a Company

Five CEO's that Showed Us How NOT to Run a Company The American business landscape is littered with CEOs who, for one reason or another, showed the public, investors and their peers precisely the wrong way to run companies. At the time of their tenure, some of these former industry heads were first touted as business geniuses. Now they’ve become examples of how not to behave if you want to run your own business.

Jonathan Schwartz – Sun Microsystems

Founded in 1982 by three graduate students from Stanford University, Sun Microsystems grew to be a giant in computer hardware and services. Jonathan Schwartz was named CEO in 2006 by the founding CEO, and prior to that point, the company had grown aggressively and showed steady profits. Nearly every move Schwartz made ended poorly, acquisitions failed, the stock tanked, and thousands of employees had to be laid off. Ultimately, the company was sold to competitor Oracle.



The 7 Components of Complete Brand Strategy

If you don’t have a comprehensive brand strategy in place for your marketing efforts, chances are very good that you can sense something is already missing. When marketing efforts are begun without implementing a brand strategy, you hit a wall. At first it might not be obvious but after a while an astute marketing professional will be able to tell, as well as have the necessary skills to change that. This article will serve as a primer to having a comprehensive branding strategy that will sell products.


Hey Entrepreneur! What’s Your Company Culture?

An entrepreneur starting and growing a company is faced with many management decisions.  You have already settled on a product and are working to expand your customer base.  Great thought is given to developing your product or service to meet the demands of that increasing customer base.  You consider marketing channels and are beginning to create an infrastructure which allows for company growth.  But, aside from the product or service you provide, what will be your company culture? (more…)


Three Awesome Perks from Big Time CEO’s

What is the coolest thing your manager or CEO has ever given you? A free lunch? The chance to work at home? Free samples of whatever your company produces?

Whatever it is, it probably pales in comparison to some of the things big name CEO’s are handing out to their employees these days. Of course we could have found a lot more than three examples of CEO’s being generous – there are plenty of stories out there about bosses divvying up their holiday bonuses, or taking a pay cut to help out with things get tough. But these were the three that had our social media department buzzing, and we thought’d it would be pretty cool to look at the perks being given out in the corporate world. (more…)


Doing iBusiness with MyCorp’s Very Own App!

Happy New Year everyone!

As everyone recovers and begins to remember those resolutions they listed before they went out to celebrate New Year’s Eve, we thought it would be a good idea to help you all with something we’re sure is on a few lists; starting your small business.

Most people tend to put this particular resolution off, seeing it as a daunting behemoth of a task. Sure, you could go online and trudge through all of the research that goes in to starting a business and incorporating, but you’re stuck on that one level of Angry Birds and getting past that seems like it would be a lot more enjoyable. (more…)


MyCorporation Remembers Steve Jobs

“‎Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” – Steve Jobs, the Journey is the Reward, biography by Jeffrey S. Young (1988)

A modern day technological wizard, Steve Jobs touched the lives of countless people. Apple’s success would not be what it is without Jobs vision and tireless work ethic. More than a computer genius, Jobs inspired people beyond technology. He advocated a hands on, reach for the stars attitude.

Jobs was an entrepreneur and an innovator, two things we here at MyCorporation strongly believe in. This week, in memoriam, we dedicated our blogs to remembering not only his work but his legacy.

Focusing on Jobs’ wisdom, our Business Insider piece focuses on famous quotes throughout Jobs’ life. Excerpts include interviews given in when Jobs’ was just starting out, all the way up to a few years before his untimely death. Check out Memoriam of Steve Jobs by a Small Business Owner HERE.

Looking toward another side of Jobs, our Forbes follows his progression as seen through his eight Time magazine covers. The progression of covers follows Jobs’ career at Apple, characterizing him as a risk taker, flat out cool and one of the most influential people in the world. Check out One Good Apple: Steve Jobs and His Eight Time Magazine Covers HERE.

As stated by Apple, “Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being.”

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