Guest Post: How to Beat an Economic Downturn

Although governments across the globe are beginning to appreciate the value the small businesses bring to an economy, this realization has come at a time when such ventures are experiencing immense financial difficulty. From 2008-2010 during the years of global recession between 2008 and 2010, a significant number of small businesses were lost to an unforgiving economic climate, which in turn led to a stagnated employment sector and diminished productivity.

This experience has taught invaluable lessons to firms that survived, however, with the result being that a number of small businesses are now far better equipped to consolidate their venture as the economy falters. The key to remaining solvent during a recession lies in implementing an integrated strategy for growth, and one that strives to cut costs while also laying foundations for the creation of new and independent revenue streams. (more…)


Now Is the Time to Start Your Business

Given the current economic climate, some would think it is crazy to start a new business.  And those people are correct:  crazy like a fox.  The number of new businesses being formed has continued to increase, and there are still lots of entrepreneurs taking their ideas and making them a reality right now.

Even though many are throwing around the dreaded “recession” word, and there is a lot of financial uncertainty right now, there are plenty of new businesses being formed.  For those who have an idea and are motivated to start a business, they should know they are not alone.  Many are choosing now to start companies and form businesses. (more…)