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The key to launching and running a successful business is to start with the right business concept. You need an idea that matches your skill and talent to customers who are ready to pay handsomely for what you have to offer. In the mini-course you use a proven 5-step formula to gauge the financial potential of your business idea. You discover insider details on ten popular ways to turn your great idea into a very profitable business enterprise. Additionally, you get 15 ways to decrease your costs and increase your business’s profits. (more…)


8 Steps to Start Any Business Quickly, Professionally and Successfully

I know from working with more than 4,000 new entrepreneurs over the past twenty-five years that when they come to us they all want to “be in business, not planning to be business”. There is an understandable impatience shown.

I know firsthand from planning my own three business launches the critical importance of step by step business planning, but I also know that few prospective entrepreneurs will take the time to complete a full-blown business school style business plan.

So, my team of coaches and I have reduced the business start-up process to just eight steps in our Start Your Business NOW! Start-Up School.


Listen in to Our CEO Deborah Sweeney and BizStarters Chief Coach Jeff Williams’ Podcast!

Have you asked yourself recently if your marketing plans are clicking on all cylinders and you’re doing all that you can possibly do for your small business? Our regular guest blogger and award winning business coach Jeff Williams with BizStarters recently did a podcast with our CEO Deborah – and additionally, he’s providing a marketing evaluation checklist for entrepreneurs and small business owners to use to give existing business concepts “a good once-over in the marketing department.” Click here to try it out and listen in on the podcast below!


Find a Problem, Create a Solution

Author’s Note: This is the second in my series of “Marketing From The Front” blog posts for If you missed the previous blog post: “How to Get Started With Your Marketing Planning”, click here to find it.

Once you’ve accumulated your knowledge about the specific business you intend to start, you’ll quickly realize that there are a number of ways you can go to start creating some revenue.

How do you decide which path to take first?


How to Get Started with Marketing Planning

In my work with more than 4,000 start-up clients over the past twenty five years I have noticed a recurring pattern – many of these new entrepreneurs have set a financial goal they want to achieve their first year in business, but they haven’t committed to writing a detailed description of how they intend to achieve this result.

The process of doing so is known in the business planning process as “marketing planning”. Technology-oriented businesses often title this work as creating “the business model”. (more…)


Business Highlight: BizStarters

For the past seven years, Americans age 55-65 have been the fastest-growing group of new business owners in the U.S.

And, for past twenty-one years, Jeff Williams and his team of business start-up coaches have specialized in guiding more than 4,000 Boomers to turn good ideas into great businesses through their participation in the company’s Virtual Incubator Business Start-Up Program.

The essential planning tool of the program is the Ultimate Boomer Business Launch Workbook, selected by the editors of Kipinger’s Personal Finance magazine as “The Best Entrepreneurial Guide For People Over 50”. The 167-page planning workbook features twenty-five step-by-step planning modules that offer every insider planning tip, every street-smart resource and every cost-saving technique that Jeff Williams has developed in more than two decades of counseling new Boomer entrepreneurs. New for 2010 are a series of step-by-step instructions in how to use top online service providers, like, to quickly and professionally launch a new business.

Jeff is pleased to offer a tip taken directly from the Ultimate Boomer Business Launch Workbook. “Word-of-mouth marketing has been proven to get more attention than any other promotional tactic. And one of the most powerful ways to get word-of-mouth going for your business also turns out to be one of the most cost-effective: sending out publicity stories. For around $80 per publicity release, guides you in writing a powerful news story and then sends it out electronically to thousands of online news sources.”

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