Our Five Top Posts of 2014!

Happy New Year! 2014 was an awesome year full of growth and renewal here at MyCorp. It was also the best year our blog has ever had! And that’s largely thanks to the slew of guest-posters and small business experts who have been kind enough to contribute. While we could spend hours going over our favorite posts of 2014, we thought our time might be better spent highlighting some of the top posts from this last year.Top Posts of 2014

The Most Viewed – “3 Keys to Crafting the Perfect Logo”



Become a Blogger on the MyCorp Blog!

Are you a small business owner, entrepreneur, or just brimming with advice about the start-up world that you want to share? We want you to come and blog with us!

What started as just a few guest inquiries last spring has become a tremendous success on our MyCorp blog – now we have guest writers from all over the country (as well as outside of the United States) contributing their thoughts and ideas about small business with us. In fact, our program has been such a success that MyCorp recently had the honor of being placed at #11 on a list of the top business blogs that accept guest posts! And while we are absolutely thrilled to be on that list, it’s also been a lot of work getting there as guest blogging is pretty time consuming on the email front.

Guest post idea

Until now, our guest-blogging system has essentially been an e-mail address and some generic guidelines. But we’re streamlining the process for 2014 to make it easier on contributors with a revamped system, and are proud to unveil our new article submission process!



5 Budget Friendly Tips for Marketing Your Small Business

A business is a business regardless of its size. But when it comes to marketing, big companies are able to splurge more on their marketing tools while small businesses have a much smaller pool of finances to be resourceful in. Limited resources shouldn’t be seen as a challenge – it’s actually an opportunity to be more creative with how you market your business.

Lacking some creative juices for marketing strategies? Worry no more with these budget friendly marketing tips! (more…)


Guest Post: 10 Things Every Business Should Know About Social Media

The internet is full of articles singing the praises of social media. “It’s the most important thing ever for businesses. If you have it, your company will become bigger than Google; if you don’t, you’ll disappear faster than Pets.com (remember them?) and have to move back in with your parents.”

Let’s set the record straight. Can social media help your business make a name for itself, gain new clients, and forge relationships? Yes. Should you jump in with both feet even if you don’t understand social media so your company can become an overnight success? No. That’s not going to happen. (more…)


Four Kinds of Crummy Mission Statements

Mission statements are one of those holdovers from the domineering American corporate culture of the eighties, and while they can be extremely useful to focus a new business, most of the time they’re bland, and lack any sort of creative touch or impulse. Normally this wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but business schools have a terrible habit of taking the most inoffensive, uninspired mission statements from major corporations and printing them out as an example to which our future entrepreneurs can aspire.

So many thoughts, such little creativity

So we decided to go through a list of multi-national companies and found four odd/funny/not all there upstairs mission statements to help future entrepreneurs reading our blog avoid being the butt of a small time business blog’s jokes. (more…)


Guest Bloggers Wanted!

We now have a submission form exclusively for writers looking to blog with us

Interested in introducing your newly formed start-up or small business to the world? Are you a CEO or manager with tips and advice on anything from filing for the S-corp deadline to how to pick the best location for your business or even with a story of your own experiences from working within the field? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’re now accepting submissions for guest bloggers for our very own MyCorp blog!

As a guest blogger here, you’ll get to: (more…)


5 Must-Have Pages for Small Business Websites

Putting together a website for a newly formed small business presents a multitude of angles to examine it from. You want the site to show off your new service or product for sale without being in your face about it (i.e. pop-up ads) but still the main focal point of the site. You strive for a professional design and user-friendly readable content. You’re aiming for a site that is fresh and fun, unlike the typical cookie cutter sites you’ve been to in the past. It’s easy to create these sites and focus on your service, but there are 5 pages that definite musts to include on any successful new (or existing, it’s never too late to revamp a site!) website.

1) About Us



Gen Y and Small Businesses: Together We Can Make a Difference!

Marshall McLuhan is famous for stating that “the medium is the message”, a phrase that means that the form a message takes ultimately affects the way in which it is perceived. Gen Y, or the Millennials, of today’s society know backwards and forwards that if you want to have your voice heard and heard in large numbers, the best way to achieve this is through networking through social media outlets. Today, everyone who is out to make a name for their selves is creating a Facebook fan page and updating their status. They’re Tweeting live every hour on the hour, blogging to an audience of thousands, even creating podcasts on iTunes for those on the go to download and listen to when they’re on the road or at the gym or even on their lunch break. Today’s generation is logged on, signed in, and synced up 24/7 to all of the latest news and trending reports- and not only do they love it, they rule these virtual realities.

Big businesses have taken note of social media practices and are now integrating it into their work force, creating positions for tech-savvy individuals in the areas of SEO and SEM content production. They’re even offering creative media and graphic design internships for individuals and students who need the experience to pursue their career with. Most businesses today understand that social networking is here to stay and with dozens of reputable sites to work with, fewer and far in between do you find a company without a blog or Twitter account. (more…)


The 5 W’s of Business Blogging

We all read blogs to get a sense of what is going on with the world. We read informational blogs, entertainment blogs, and solely news related blogs. Never has it been easier for an individual to have his or her voice published. The same opportunity is available for small businesses, but should you join the blogging community? ABSOLUTELY! Blogs provide a platform for you business to send a clear message to your customers. Below are the 5 W’s regarding blogging and why you should jump on board.

Yes, your business is the obvious who. However, make sure you address who specifically will be in charge of your blog. Often, small businesses hire a marketing intern for this job. This is a great idea. First, make sure that the blog author is aware of a few important things. The blogger should have a clear understanding of the purpose and mission statement behind your business. Tailor blog content not only to issues surrounding your business, but expand your articles to include different types of customers. You want your blog to be a clear representation of what your business is all about while appealing to a wide audience. (more…)