Should You Give Your Employees a Second Chance?

I’ve always believed that my business’s success hinges on the open and honest relationship I have with my team. I have to trust that my employees will do the job they were hired to do so I can focus on running and growing the company. However, I have unfortunately had to deal with members of my team breaking that trust in the past. And, while you should always consider giving people a second chance at the workplace, second chances also mean you should look at what they did, and determine whether what happened was a minor transgression, or a serious breach of trust. second chance

Look at the big picture

It can be really easy to focus too heavily on the employee when making this sort of decision, but you need to consider a lot of different factors. Firing someone can leave a long-lasting impact on your business, especially if other employees don’t agree with your decision. Was this betrayal of trust more personal, or professional? Occasionally we have to swallow our personal pride for the betterment of the company, and objectivity is key to making this sort of a decision. If this is an isolated incident, then maybe a second chance is in order.

Consider the impact on your business

If this employee has proven themselves to the company and has spent years working within it, firing them could hurt your business. So you need to ask yourself if the employee’s separation will actually be good for the company. Do they contribute to inter-office harmony? Are they replaceable? Will their absence help or hinder day to day operations? Being slighted by someone you trust is always a jarring experience, but it isn’t worth sacrificing your team’s dynamic to make a point. But if this employee did actually harm the company, it may be worth sending them out the door for good.



How to Manage When Your Manager is on Vacation

The boss is away, so should the employees play? Of course not – managers deserve time off without having to worry about the office falling to ruins without them. Most people would agree, but there is still the issue about the best way to handle the boss being out of the office. Are there extra responsibilities that need to be taken up? Should anything in the office change, or should day-to-day life continue unhindered? Since our own boss is currently partying it up with Mickey Mouse on the Disney Cruise Line, the Social Media department figured that others could benefit from our sage advice on how we deal with the managerial absence in the office. (more…)


Guest Post: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself If You’re Ready to Become an Entrepreneur

Today we’re featuring a special guest post from our friends at Guidant Financial! It’s one thing to dream of being your own boss but another completely to put it into action by becoming a business owner. Only problem from there on out is determining whether you’re better suited for a lifestyle as an entrepreneur or not. CEO and co-founder David Nilssen has the 3 questions you need to ask to see if the entrepreneurial road is the right one for you!

1. Is your environment influencing you positively or negatively?

Sometimes when you dream big, there are people in your life waiting in the wings to tell you that “you can’t do that,” or that your idea “will never work.” You may not be able to control what people in your life say or feel, but you can control how you react to their negativity. You can choose to ignore their comments, which have the power to erode your self-esteem, and continue on with your pursuit. Their energy will only become valid if you allow for it to influence you. (more…)


Gift This… Not that.

If there is one thing internet blogging outlets have become increasingly good at, it is telling you what to buy. Once the holidays roll around nearly every, single business blog begins to look like a Sky Mall catalog. Did you know that your boss wants a personalized business card case? Or that CEOs everywhere are clamoring for the fancy vinegars and expensive laptop stands?

Neither did we! But, judging from what we’ve been reading online on holiday office shopping, your best bet is to just walk into your closest Brookstone and just grab a handful of the shiniest gadgets. Since Christmas is getting closer, we thought we’d help everyone out by giving our suggestions on what you can get your favorite CEO or entrepreneur. While our suggestions aren’t as cute or whimsical as others, we feel that, at the very least, they can be used without causing any embarrassment. (more…)


Five ways to effectively communicate with your boss

Bosses. Everyone’s had one, if not more. Finding effective ways to communicate with your boss is paramount regardless of what industry you are in.  Of course, not everyone loves their boss, thus making communication difficult. Thankfully, we here at MyCorp are led by a pretty awesome team. However, we know not everyone can be as lucky as are. So what are the most effective ways to communicate with your boss? Why does it even matter?

First of all, open lines of communication are essential to any successful business. Think of communication as water in a pipe line, if not water is flowing there is bound to be a buildup. This buildup will eventually burst causing severe damage. Let that water flow! It may sound easier said than done, however keep in mind the following tips and you should be smooth sailing. (more…)


How to be your own boss… even if you’re not the boss.

Most bosses love the self-starter type. The person who is willing to go the extra mile, ask for more work and then not only do it well, but finish it early.

Unfortunately, most people aren’t that type of person. And that’s okay! If you focused that hard on every little trivial task you’ve been assigned you will end up burning out before you ever make your mark, collapsing on your keyboard after seven straight hours of database updates. That’s bad for your image at work and the keyboard.

Just imagine your own face instead of a large box with a question mark on it.

The trick is to learn how to manage yourself like, well, a manager. Maybe your boss is involved in every step of every project you have, or maybe you only see your boss as they leave the office at one in the afternoon to go play golf. Either way, a great method to keeping yourself on task without running into a wall is to manage your workload like you would manage employees. With that in mind, here are our tips on how to be your own boss, even if you’re not. (more…)


Chit Chat at the Office: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Whether your office is big or small there’s a good chance that you encounter daily office chatter. This can take place between people’s desks, in the break room or in the hallways. Although workplace comradery is generally encouraged, how much chatter is too much? What is the line between appropriate discussion and becoming a pair of chatty Kathy’s? Before you strike up conversation, consider the following questions: (more…)