Business Licenses Explained (Infographic)

In order to legally conduct business, a small business needs to have a business license. But what is a business license and who requires the most licenses? What types of licenses and permits are there? And what are the roles of these licenses within a small business? This month, the team at MyCorporation has worked to create an infographic that answers all these questions and more – business licenses: explained!

Business Licenses

Business Licenses

Many states and local jurisdictions require a business license before a company starts to do business. Conducting business without the proper license may result in fines, notices and the inability to operate the business.

Examples of different types of licenses include: Basic Business Operations License, State Tax ID number, Home Occupation Permit, Zoning and Land Use Permit, Building Permit, Health Department Permit, Sales Tax Permit, Fire and Police Department Permit, Special State Issued Business License or Occupational Licenses.

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