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7 Ways to Save Money On Business Car Insurance

Owning and managing a fleet of company vehicles is not easy. At any one time, you may have three or more vehicles out in the field, each vehicle requires maintenance and repair and there is the issue of the drivers’ welfare. All these can be stressful not to mention costly. There are ways through which you can save money on your business car insurance. It might not reduce the stress but you can reduce the pressure of costs: (more…)


The Vehicle Deduction: Who Can Claim it and How

By Greg Lindberg, 1800Accountant.com Writer

Driving a vehicle is something many of us do without putting much thought into it. From sedans to trucks to SUVs, we all have to transport ourselves from one location to another for various reasons. We also have to deal with the expenses associated with driving and maintaining a vehicle that can add up quickly over time. If you spend time behind the wheel for business reasons, however, have you explored the tax deductions on vehicle costs that you may be able to claim on your tax return?