3 Tips for Choosing the Right Office Space for Your Business

Location, location, location. We hear these words constantly from real estate consultants and it couldn’t ring more true. The location of any commercial business, whether big or small, can have a huge impact on its success and productivity.

If you find an ideal office space at a great price that’s 20 miles from the area where you conduct most of your business, you’ll probably find that it’s not such a great deal after all. Ideally, you want your headquarters to be in a place where you can attract both clients and employees and in a location that offers amenities and networking possibilities.

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6 Ways to Cut Overhead Expenses in Your First Year of Business

In the first year of your business’ life, the success of a small company hinges on lowering its overhead expenses which can make all the difference between insolvency and survival. To ensure that your business stays as financially lean as possible, take the following six tips into account when creating and establishing your company budget.

Cut Your Staffing Costs

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The Home Based Business Dilemma

The home based business dilemma.

Imagine – no commute, having time to read the newspaper, coffee brewed just as strong as you like it. Sounds nice, right? Then reality sets it – laundry, dirty kitchen, dog, kids, and so it goes. Working from home often presents a bitter-sweet dilemma. Here are three aspects to consider when working from home. Continue reading