How to Build Up Team Spirit for Small Business Success

Improving and building team spirit is an essential part of business growth, more so for small enterprises. The main challenge to a business leader is to encourage the team members to bond, readily share relevant information and work together towards pushing the business brand forward. Small enterprises mostly do not have resources at their disposal to cover employee redundancy, therefore employees should be aptly encouraged to work together and market the company. The employees should readily engage in promoting and sharing of the company’s vision and mission.


The Office Prophet: Milton Waddams

Do you know Milton Waddams? Squirrely guy, mumbles a lot?

Well you should. That wonderful little arsonist made every scene he was in, and since our theme this week is “Office Idiosyncrasies” (i.e quirks), we figured we should take a look at the quirkiest guy we could think of and delve in to see what life lessons we can learn from the character/prophet Milton. Also, we love any excuse to throw pop culture into our posts whenever we can.

A logical sequence of events.

Find joy in the little things.

If there is one thing you can say about Milton, it’s that he figured out how to enjoy life where he could. The film pretty clearly establishes that working in this office is not enjoyable, and the poor guy couldn’t even listen to the radio even though Lumbergh told him he could between the hours of nine and eleven while collating. But everyday he was able to look out the window near his tiny felt prison cubicle and see the squirrels. And they were married.

Doesn’t that just swell your heart up with joy? It is almost impossible to stifle an audible “aaaaawwwwwwww…” (more…)