Our Top 3 Halloween-Themed Promotions of 2011

Every business engages with Halloween in their own way. Some places dress up, some write relentlessly on the topic for an entire week, and some actually use the holiday to promote themselves. Thanks to social networking keeping us all in the loop online, a lot of businesses have found it incredibly easy to connect with their customers at a much more personal level by simultaneously celebrating Halloween with their customer base and promoting their brand. It seems like the amount of promotions that come up grows every year, but here are our top three Halloween related promotions for 2011: (more…)


How To Say Goodbye to a Good Employee

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye! The Sound of Music certainly made it seem easy to say goodbye if you use a jaunty little tune to accompany your adieu, but the reality is often very different when a beloved employee is moving on from their current job position to another place for various reasons. They might be retiring. Maybe they need to relocate for family or for a bigger salary. They might even be an intern who finished up the semester and is planning to intern at another position afterward.

No matter what the case, you can’t help but feel the sad sentiment creep up inside of you. You worked alongside this person on projects and deadlines and bonded over silly inside joke emails and group meetings. You probably got lunch together at some point and maybe even hung out outside of the office. They were a stable and dependable part of your life- and the business. That employee brought their own special touch to help aid the company in an invaluable way and ultimately left behind an imprint on your life and most likely the lives of others in the office who worked with them. (more…)


Five Tips to Avoid Costly Mistakes

New businesses often risk shooting themselves in the foot as they’re getting started. It’s not easy to be an entrepreneur! Not only are you getting your business up and running, your operations solidified, and your marketing strategy off the ground, but you are also trying to make sure you’re managing your business properly and minimizing liability. Below are some tips to help you navigate the tumultuous waters you might face when starting your business: (more…)