You’re Too Savvy to Make These 5 Rookie Entrepreneur Mistakes – Or Are You?

You’re bound to make more than five mistakes as a neo-entrepreneur (young and fresh entrepreneurs who are less experienced than their older, more established counterparts), especially during the startup years. Entrepreneurship means going through a lot of uncharted territory and interestingly enough, many of these mistakes stem from characteristics that make a person an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs who succeed tend to share the following traits: (more…)


How Your Senses Define Your Workplace

We all have our favorite places to get work done, but have you ever thought about why we work the best in the places that we do? Your 5 senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell) have a lot to do with how your workplace becomes the productive place that it is. When deciding on where to work next, use your sense(s) to define what makes the right location for you and your business.


Several studies suggest that the size of the workplace affects the way a person thinks. Tall ceilings and big tables made for more creative thought, while a small study carrel with enclosed walls are better for linear and analytical thinking. Simple changes like closing the blinds can have the effect of making a room seem smaller and help you focus on what is in front of you. (more…)


Halloween is almost upon us!

Offices are a bit funny when it comes to Halloween; they are one of the only places where it is really appropriate for a group of adults to dress as mythical creatures without there being any alcohol involved. Dressing up for the office is a pretty deeply held tradition, and while some dial it in with a Scream mask (who still watches Scream anyway?) others take it upon themselves to be the most celebratory person in their office. But if you’re someone caught in the middle, and not quite sure what the heck you are going to do in a week, here are a few tips.

This guy is REALLY into Halloween in his office.

Try and think Office Space, not The Office.

We love The Office. Really, it’s a great TV series and a lot of good episodes came out of it. But it is also eight years old, and dressing up like Jim is getting to be just as stale as some of the later story lines. Besides, how hard is it to put on a white shirt, slacks and a tie? Most people dress like that anyway, so if you go the Jim route, brace yourself for questions as to why you didn’t dress up. (more…)