How to Keep Your Private Data Secure on a Small Business Budget

Data security is as important to a small business as physical security is online today where virtually all computers and electronic devices are connected to both each other and the internet making us and our information fairly accessible at all times.

Because of this, the bottom line for any business with company or client data to protect is that it must be able to maintain a security policy and procedures that are as airtight as possible. Failing to do so can mean anything from competitor theft of your ideas to major and expensive security breaches that can lead to client lawsuits. (more…)


What You’re Missing By Not Having a Server Maintenance Plan

It’s an insanely busy day in the office with everyone called in to work extra hours just so you and your company can keep up with customer demands and all of a sudden… total server shutdown.

It’s a nightmare! Not only can you not get any work done, which means you’ll be behind and possibly lose clients, you’re paying extra for people to just sit around. If only you had a server maintenance plan, you might have been able to avoid this problem.

What is a server maintenance plan? At their most basic, these plans are kind of like warranties or insurance plans, but describing them that way doesn’t really do them justice. With a server maintenance plan, you can make sure that your network is always running optimally, that data won’t be lost, and that you won’t have to suffer through downtime and outages that aren’t scheduled. (more…)