4 Key Elements for Office Interior Design That Stands Out

Nobody likes going to work in a bare office with white walls, formal cubicles, and no hint of refreshing or energizing colors in sight. Some people decorate their desks, but desk decorations can’t convey an overall atmosphere of productivity or positivity throughout the entire office. When you’re renovating or buying an office, you need to be able to consider the importance of interior design.

There are many advantages to focusing on interior design when you design an office. You will create a productive, efficient atmosphere and help keep employee morale up. You want your office to be the kind of place people look forward to going on Monday morning, after all.

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How to Furnish Your Office on a Budget

Whether your new office is 100 square feet or 1000 square feet long, it’s still going to require furnishing.  Sometimes, though, the office is the last room in the house to get furnished or it’s for a small business that doesn’t have a lot of cash to allot towards furniture and other similar overhead expenses, so the budget is already used up or has very little remaining to spend.  If that’s the case for your home or office, don’t worry – these four tips can help furnish your office on a budget.

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The 5 Essential Elements of a Home Office

Is the corporate office a thing of the past? For many modern workers, the answer is yes. Perhaps the most lifestyle-changing thing the internet has given us is the ability to work from home. More and more companies are employing telecommuters, which helps save with various overhead costs. Entrepreneurs, too, are choosing to work from their home offices rather than traditional cubicles.

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How to Keep Calm and Carry On in the Office

Wellness means being healthy in mind and body. We all know the importance of wellness in the office in that without it performance, productivity and our overall health suffers. Knowing this, the question then becomes, how do I keep myself balanced in the office? We get it, Sarah keeps changing the office thermostat, Marty slurps his coffee and Karen is constantly on the phone speaking at such a high volume the entire office can hear. Despite all of the distractions, it is important to find ways to stay focused and calm, providing stability for both your mind and body. Here are a few tips to remember to help you center your inner chi while at work. Continue reading

Clearing the Clutter: How to Feng Shui Your Workplace

As the social media manager here at MyCorporation (oh hey there readers, I’m the one who works at keeping the blog updated every week, nice to meet ya!) I recently had a problem at my desk. I really like Post It notes and use them on a daily basis to keep myself reminded of what I need to do. For a couple of months, it was Post It city all over my desk. Pinned on the corkboard, taped next to my laptop, stacked into a pile when I finished a certain task. But then they started to trail down from my business card box to my tape and staplers, to my cup, and finally all the way down next to my computer. In some cases, they found their way on my computer screen. Post Its everywhere.

It wasn’t just Post Its though. I had pins, pens, Sharpies, and paper clips holding papers together everywhere. For someone who is known for being pretty neat and tidy, it was a weird transformation. So much paper. If you didn’t see my BlackBerry and iPod jutting out on top of the paper clip box, you’d think it was the 1990s up in here.

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