How to Become a High Performer Like McKayla Maroney, Kobe Bryant or Roger Federer

What’s up with these three? They don’t go through peaks and troughs – they bring it every time. They have sustained high performance and that’s what makes them champions. They make being a high performer look so easy-peezy lemon-squeezy.

So what does it take for you to be a high performer? How can you be a high performer on a consistent basis? And what will it take for you to read this entire post?

Stick with me on this one! (more…)


5 Employment Perks That Need to Happen Everywhere

We’re a pretty close knit bunch here at MyCorp. Everybody knows everyone pretty well and gets along. But our team is also pretty small and since we aren’t a large corporation, sometimes a couple of us wonder what our lives within a more global company might be like…

There are two different first impressions that come to mind. The first is Google headquarters based. Picture bright colors, ping pong tables, free food and drinks, and flip flops. Laidback and interactive while still getting the job done. The other comes from the film Office Space. Hours of sitting in traffic, hours of sitting in a cubicle, a copy machine that doesn’t work, and a mountain of pointless “TPS reports.” The worst case scenario, as we all voted and agreed on. (more…)


Balancing Sleep and the Mid Afternoon Lull

Sleep. Just the word is fabulous, right? Despite our love for sleep, it seems to be the norm that most adults don’t get enough sleep. Sure, we can all pull the occasional all nighter, but running on three to four hours of sleep night after night will definitely start to take its toll. So what can you do about it? Believe us, we know that there are not enough hours in the day. We wish we had more time to sleep! Unfortunately, taking a quick catnap under your desk probably isn’t an option. Next time you feel the urge to doze, nod off or “rest your eyes” at the office, keep these helpful hints in mind. (more…)