Should You Check Into a Vendor’s Online Reputation Before Going into Business with Them?

Working with a vendor offers certain advantages to a business. For example, ordering becomes a simple process and overall efficiency is improved. In most cases, the business enjoys a cost savings as well as less stress. Overall, the right vendor can make life easier for a business owner.

But there are lots of things to consider before going into business with a vendor. One of the top priorities is how that relationship will affect the future of your business.

Besides finding a vendor that can meet your needs, it is also important to find one that has good reputation. Associating with a company that is less than reputable can reflect poorly on your business.


Awesome Affiliates: Hillary Gadsby of GAIIN

This week’s affiliate is providing entrepreneurs with the chance to access a network of experienced professionals and their collective marketing, investing, and entrepreneurial knowledge. GAIIN™ (Global Action International Investment Network) acts as an international hub, bringing representatives from government offices and private businesses together at their Summits to find both financing channels and expert advice as to the best way to build a sustainable future. Hilary Gadsby, co-owner of GAIIN™ and CEO of her own corporate marketing firm, A Gadsby Affair, has graciously gave our readers her advice on the best ways for their business to take advantage of international opportunities. (more…)