3 Small Business Marketing Strategies to Use on Facebook

By Craig Robinson

Small businesses today are being thrown under the bus in many different ways. Expected to pay more taxes, subject to regulations which don’t or won’t affect larger corporations – it’s very tough to even exist in a business atmosphere, much less to actually succeed. And if the pressure coming from every angle doesn’t deter you, then you have to compete with the big boys via marketing for a slice of the pie. How can do you this?

One of the best ways small businesses are targeting their customers is through social media sites like Facebook. With over a billion users, a mobile market quickly expanding, and a low-cost, multi-function ad-delivery medium, Facebook is the perfect spot for small businesses on the rise. Let’s check out a few ways a small business can leverage Facebook for marketing success.



Awesome Affiliates: Wpromote

MyCorporation welcomes back Wpromote for it’s second round as an Awesome Affiliate. Their contribution this week happens to coincide perfectly with it being national social media week! Check out Wpromote’s take on Facebook advertising:

With more than 750 Million global users, Facebook is easily the most engaged website on the Internet.  With the precise targeting abilities that come with Facebook advertising, businesses should no longer sit on the sidelines when it comes to social media marketing. In order to stay competitive in today’s fast growing social world, Facebook advertising campaigns are a necessary supplement to traditional advertising campaigns. (more…)