Giving Thanks in Your Actions and Words

giving thanksBy David Nilssen

This time of year we’re told to count our blessings and be thankful. Gratitude is wonderful, but giving thanks and giving back are even more important. Here are some suggestions for walking the walk.

Giving to Charity
You’ll always be able to find an excuse for not donating time or money to those less fortunate. From cynicism about administrative costs for large charities to a blame-the-victim mentality, it’s easy to turn a blind eye to the needy. But taking five minutes to make an online donation or a few hours to volunteer your time is good for your community, your business, and your self-worth. It just feels right. At Guidant, we hold food drives for local organizations, empower future entrepreneurs through Youth Ventures, and participate in races and walks for the American Cancer Society.



Three Entrepreneurs and Their Fathers

Before we begin, we want to send good wishes to all of the dads reading our blog. We hope you had an absolutely outstanding Father’s Day, and that your family’s dedication to the celebration didn’t end with a poorly wrapped tacky tie!

Fathers inspire – that quality kind of comes with the job. We look up to our dads, literally and figuratively, from the minute we can crane our heads upward and comprehend everything the most important man in our life does for us. So it is no surprise that some of our favorite entrepreneurs were so drastically shaped by their experiences with their own fathers. (more…)


Happy (Early) Thanksgiving From MyCorp!

It’s here! Well almost here anyway- we’re talking about Thanksgiving this Thursday! Most of us look forward to Thanksgiving due to the large amount of food associated with the holiday. However, there are multiple other reasons to put a gobble in your step come Thursday, such as family time, cooling temperatures, changing leaves and football! Here at MyCorp, we want to make sure that you and your family enjoy Thanksgiving to the fullest and we’ve rustled up a a few fun Thanksgiving facts just in time for the holiday. (more…)