10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Hire College Grads

With the downtrodden economy, daunting unemployment numbers, and hefty student loan debt, recent college graduates have been a hot topic of debate for some time now. With so many people out of work, the job market is flooding with energetic newbie grads and their older, more qualified competition. Recent college graduates begin to feel stuck in the hole of being under-experienced for “entry level” positions with no opportunities available to help gain that experience. It’s critical that employers recognize the wealth of value recent college graduates have to offer as new employees. They may just be what your business is looking for! (more…)


Five ways to effectively communicate with your boss

Bosses. Everyone’s had one, if not more. Finding effective ways to communicate with your boss is paramount regardless of what industry you are in.  Of course, not everyone loves their boss, thus making communication difficult. Thankfully, we here at MyCorp are led by a pretty awesome team. However, we know not everyone can be as lucky as are. So what are the most effective ways to communicate with your boss? Why does it even matter?

First of all, open lines of communication are essential to any successful business. Think of communication as water in a pipe line, if not water is flowing there is bound to be a buildup. This buildup will eventually burst causing severe damage. Let that water flow! It may sound easier said than done, however keep in mind the following tips and you should be smooth sailing. (more…)