B Corp Experts Weigh In: Senen Garcia

Senen Garcia, Esq. of SG Law Group

Accountant, attorney, and B Corp movement supporter Senen Garcia, Esq. got his entrepreneurial start at an early age. The sole owner of two businesses before completing his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and International Business, Garcia opened his accounting and tax practice before receiving his undergraduate degree. While running said business, he completed his Graduate and Juris Doctorate degrees and now operates SG Law Group in Florida which assists clients with their corporate, real estate, estate planning an property insurance claim needs.

Today he’s giving us a look at how he got interested in the B Corp movement, what he believes Benefit Corporations need in order to succeed and why the real benefit behind the B Corps has a lot to do with marketing.



Guest Post: How Housing Websites Contribute to Small Business Success

“Apartment hunting is a process, and the best way to help people find the apartment that meets their lifestyles and budgets is through interactive resources. Fifteen years ago, this was done traditionally by ‘apartment locators’ using on-site databases. With cutting-edge technology, we are able to deliver more detailed information than the old databases held, all with a more inviting and interactive search technology. The best part is that we are able to deliver that information 24/7 to literally all reaches of the globe.” – Pete Zimek

New technology brings new opportunities, as well as changes that will need to occur to take advantage of them. Without leveraging these opportunities, you can do your small business a disservice or even wind up losing profits by not staying on top of trends that your customers utilize. Adapting to technological trends benefit in growing small businesses, especially those in the apartment and housing industry, and helping them to maintain an edge over the competition. (more…)


MyCorp Survey Results Revealed!

Last month, we conducted our first ever MyCorp 2012 Survey for Small Business with five quick questions on the state of small businesses in 2012 and beyond with questions that focused on consumer spending, business spending, predicted growth of the business in 2013, the social media outlet you’re looking to establish for your brand, and quite literally the state of your small business – where you’re putting your business out on the map and which states are the most popular to form a small business in!

We tallied up the votes on Constant Contact, conducted the random drawing for our lucky $50 Starbucks gift card winner (congrats to Elizabeth Sneed!), and the results are in from our voters! (more…)