The Benefits of Giving Back for Business

The Benefits of Giving Back for BusinessWhen it comes to charities, supporting one is one of the best moves a company of any size can make.

When a portion of what we spend on a product goes toward a charity, it gives us an innate sense of doing good and of accomplishment. The same goes for a company’s internal operations. When employees are given the opportunity to give back, either through mentorship programs, toy drives or even just a simple tax-free donation, it helps to raise morale all around.

And it’s a practice supported by some of America’s biggest companies. According to The Chronicle of Philanthropy, in 2012, Google donated 9.3% of its profits — approximately $144,606,000 — to charity; Target donated 5%, or $147,038,722, of its profits to charitable organizations; and Walmart donated 4.5% of its profits to charity, totaling $311,607,280.