Understanding Big Data for the Small Business

Understanding Big Data for the Small BusinessAs a small business owner, chances are that when you hear the term “big data,” you immediately think the concept isn’t relevant for your business. For most people, the term big data conjures up images of massive amounts of information that only giant retailers like Walmart, Target and Amazon or large government entities could handle. But big data is also exceptionally important to the little guy, as it provides the very information small businesses need to propel their success. Here we’ll explore big data, revealing what it really is and how it can be utilized by your small business.

What is big data, exactly?

Although man websites feature complex and difficult to understand definitions behind big data, this post will stick with a relatively simple one: big data is data management that centers on the customer. Some examples of big data include consumer transaction histories, social media activity, website activity logs, online videos and online databases, among others.