Open Up Your Own "Lemonade Stand" This Summer

The joy, the pleasure, the inexplainable rapture of the lemonade stand. We all had one when we were a kid, or some venture that was close to one. Subsidized by the kindness, patience, and hard cash of our parents, most of us know the sheer bliss of making a few bucks selling glasses of lemonade for a nickel a pop. Then, as we grew up, selling lemonade transformed into mowing grass or washing cars. Every summer meant a bit more money for clothes or movies or, if you were more responsible, college.

The work ethic of millions has been built on experiences gained during summer employment. And I feel like it shouldn’t stop when we grow up. We become content – content with our jobs, our lives, our little ruts – and we forget about that entrepreneurial spirit that had us up at 6 AM to wake our parents and build a stand out of old plywood.



Working at Home: What They Never Tell You.

Employees used to see the option of working from home as some sort of gift, bestowed by the management for hard work and sacrifice. A day at home meant a day of sleeping in, watching trashy tv and, maybe, calling in with a made up list of all the things you accomplished while at home. Then the next day you pay for your twenty-four hours of debauchery by making up all the work you missed, cursing yourself for not actually doing anything while at home.

That’s no longer the case. Thanks to the wonders of online hyper-connectivity, now your boss can actually check in with you at any time, be it through e-mail or Skype, and ask to see exactly what you’ve been doing all day. And, sadly, watching a Maury marathon and making a chocolate shake doesn’t count as work. Despite this, many people still see the option of working at home as the easier route. Most business writers will just tell you to find a nice quiet corner, away from distractions so you can get some work done and let things rest at that. But there are some things that people just don’t warn you about… (more…)