What it Takes to Build a Business from Scratch

The most common way for people to build up wealth over time is building a business of their own. When you work for someone else, much of your productivity goes toward making them wealthy. It’s commonly thought that starting a business is a difficult process, but in the day of e-marketing, this might not be the case. A physical store is not necessary. Massive startup costs are even optional. Here are a few tips to get a business built up from scratch.  (more…)


What you Need to Know About Small Business Loans

As a small business owner, you’ve grown used to learning as you go. You had to learn how to manage your accounting, how to address licensing and permitting issues for your industry, how to market your business. The same is true when applying for your first small business loan—a process riddled with unexpected requirements and fine print that will bring an entirely new set of lessons to be learned.

Before accepting your first small business loan, get ahead of the learning curve by asking these six important questions. (more…)

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7 Profitable Businesses You Can Start for Under $100 (2017 Edition)

It’s often said that it “takes money to make money” and while this may be true in some circumstances, there are plenty of hustles that don’t require a big down investment. Assuming you have a business license and a basic at-home setup that will likely include a computer, internet access, and a phone—here are seven businesses you can start for under $100 in 2017.  (more…)


How is Your Web Design Affecting Your Business’s Growth?

There is not a single business on the planet that does not have an online presence. Any enterprise that hopes to be successful must employ the internet. You can promote your business online to an audience of billions. Even better is the fact that you can sell your products right from the comfort of your home through your website. However, owning a website is not as simple as getting a random site set up for you. (more…)


So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur…

We entrepreneurs are driven to continuously create, innovate, and sell. Whether your interests favor accounting, real estate brokerage, or business management, or new untapped markets, such as agriculture software, food e-commerce, or public sector technology.

There are many resources available to help you. I suggest the exercise below, which may be familiar. Frankly much of the following is easy access through the Small Business Administration.  If these questions sound too basic for you, you’ll be surprised by how much data will be generated by your honest, thoughtful answers.  (more…)


3 Priorities You Shouldn’t Overlook When Launching A Small Business

Business_Owners_Holding_Money_SmYou have your business plan in one hand, and a cup of very strong coffee in the other. The paperwork is being processed, and the website is in the final round of edits. Your small business is almost ready to launch, but you’re worried you might be missing something.

Websites and business books are full of best practices, quick tips, and mistakes to avoid, but building a successful business isn’t strictly about the business itself. You need to build three pillars that will help launch your vision into the world. (more…)


Come Hangout with Us on Google+!

Have any questions about starting your own business? Not sure where to even start? Not to worry! We are proud to announce that, in conjunction with the Google Small Business Community, our CEO Deborah Sweeney is going to be fielding any and all questions about the legalities of starting your own business this Thursday. The Hangout starts tomorrow at 12:30 PM, and if you want your questions answered, you’ll need to RSVP and submit them to the moderator here.

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So don’t forget to tune in! We’re really excited about this opportunity, and look forward to a great discussion.