50 States of Incorporation: Illinois

Illinois has long been one of the strongest economic powerhouses in America. Not only is it home to the city of Chicago, which has been a major transport, shipping, and industrial hub for over a century, but the state is still a manufacturing leader and boasts a strong agricultural industry that continues to thrive off of Illinois’ rich soil.
Incorporate in Illinois
Illinois is the fifth most populous state, though it is only the 25th largest state in terms of area. Most people in Illinois tend to settle around either Chicago or Springfield; Illinois’ centrally-located capital.

Despite of the many booming industries in Illinois, the state placed 38th in a Forbes list of the ‘Best States to do Business In.’ Unfortunately, a fairly high corporate tax rate combined with hefty state fees and a regulatory government has made it a tad difficult to run a business in Illinois. However, when you factor in population, GDP, and the proximity of major shipping hubs, Illinois is still a great state for starting a business.