How Much Capital Do You Need to Start Your Company?

The process of starting a business is usually associated with that of accumulating large sums for start-up capital and marketing campaigns. Businesses have now moved away from that sort of thinking and have found easier and more innovative ways to get their companies up and running without having to find an outrageous sum of money. This calls for a total change in the mindset of the budding entrepreneur and a level of commitment to the process.

Starting a Business with Zero Capital

This will be a challenging task with many hurdles to jump, but once you are dedicated to the process you will make it. Here are a few tips.



Doing iBusiness with MyCorp’s Very Own App!

Happy New Year everyone!

As everyone recovers and begins to remember those resolutions they listed before they went out to celebrate New Year’s Eve, we thought it would be a good idea to help you all with something we’re sure is on a few lists; starting your small business.

Most people tend to put this particular resolution off, seeing it as a daunting behemoth of a task. Sure, you could go online and trudge through all of the research that goes in to starting a business and incorporating, but you’re stuck on that one level of Angry Birds and getting past that seems like it would be a lot more enjoyable. (more…)