Business Basics: Benefit Corporations

One of the main reasons we chose to start this blog was to help explain the facets and aspects of business that typically get overlooked. To help us do this, we decided that, every Tuesday, we are going to post a new “Business Basics” piece to discuss subjects that readers, despite being aware of, may not know much about. With that in mind, one of the first subjects we are going to look at is the Benefit Corporation.

What is a Benefit Corporation?


Twitter vs. Print Media: Which is the Better Reading Route to Go?

At MyCorporation, reading is one of our favorite pastimes. Even if it’s not your cup of tea, you probably don’t realize how many times during the day you read! The cereal label, the TV guide, traffic signs and email are all examples of how much reading influences our lives. In addition, social media has changed the face of reading in that we now have access to vast amounts of information displayed in a simple sentence. Although we usually sing social media’s praises, has the new snapshot based information model taken away from our love of reading? Does it matter? (more…)