Four Ways to Completely Ruin A Skype Interview

Our CEO Deborah Sweeney wrote her Four Tips for Skype Interview Success over at the Forbes Blog last week, so we decided to write a response looking at the four ways to utterly ruin a Skype, or other video based, interview. Interviews via webcam are a fairly new thing, and most people have simply transferred what they would typically do in a phone based interview to their video interviews.

This guy is not being all that he can be.

But what if this interview is for a job you don’t want? How do you make sure you adequately scare away any potential employers and mark your Skype username as one to avoid at all costs. Well… we first off recommend you don’t try to scare away employers. A simple no will suffice if you choose to look for other avenues of employment. But, in the spirit of fairness and equality, here is our tongue-in-cheek response: four ways you can completely ruin any Skype interview. (more…)