C is for C-Corp

For our third installment of the ABC’s for small business, we decided that we liked the letter “C” so much that it had to stay in our word of choice – literally! C-corps are organization structures for businesses that provide non-tax benefits with profits taxed separately from its owners. Beyond just taxing profits separately, c-corps also have the distinction of being separate entities from their owners entirely in both control and management and as such, may go public and raise investment capital, engage in business, and initiate lawsuits.

Last March we did a post on C-Corp 101 and the four considerations to making your business tax efficient, provided below for a quick recap: (more…)


The Entrepreneurs Journey- Identifying, Seeding and Accelerating New Ventures

MyCorporation is excited to help sponsor The Entrepreneurs Journey: Identifying, Seeding, and Accelerating New Ventures, located at Pepperdine University in Malibu California. The second annual all-day symposium is also sponsored by the Graziadio School’s entrepreneurship program and School of Law Palmer Center for Entrepreneurship and the Law.

Launching a new start-up poses a significant number of challenges. The symposium brings together individuals who have real life experience taking all of the steps required to start a new business. The event offers students and alumni informative discussion panels featuring renowned industry speakers and faculty experts. Sessions cover the challenges of launching new ventures in “green technology,” how to monetize an idea, tips on accessing investment capital, and guidance on negotiating a term sheet.

The day culminates with an alumni fast-pitch competition in which participants present a 90-second business proposal before a panel of venture capitalists. Ten candidates will be selected from the submission pool to win a $1,000 cash prize. This competition provides an interesting look into the various emerging ideas surrounding new business ventures.

MyCorporation is looking forward to the symposium which takes place Friday, November 12th. Find more information about The Entrepreneurs Journey HERE!