5 Top Auto Technologies to Keep Your Business on the Road to Success

Though many people once thought technology would cut down on the length of the workweek, anyone trying to grow a company today knows just the opposite has happened: In the present economic climate, you have to use high-tech resources to stay plugged in well past “regular business hours.” That’s just a starting point, too. To get ahead of the pack, you have to leverage those resources wherever they are—like in your car, for instance. That’s because technology might not shorten your working hours, but it can certainly help you get more out of them, and that’s even when you’re on the road.

Here are five cutting-edge automotive features that prove the point: (more…)


How to Build a Mobile App for Your Small Business

A June study by Nielsen found that more than 60 percent of mobile users in the United States owned a smartphone. People not only use their phones to surf the web and communicate with friends, but are conducting business that just a few years ago was reserved for notebooks and desktop computers. It is now more important than ever for businesses to optimize their websites for mobile technology.

While creating a mobile version of your website is a good start, an app is the most comprehensive way to ensure maximum exposure to potential customers. An app moves faster than a mobile website and can sync with other features on the phone. The problem is that most small business owners don’t have the technological wherewithal to code an app themselves. It isn’t as difficult as one might imagine, but also not as simple as printing business cards online. The following will help steer you in the right direction.



5 Apps That Will Outperform Your Personal Assistant

Technology is advancing fast. You could argue the future envisioned in sci-fi movies and books is already here. Talking cars with in-dash navigation systems, face-to-face chats with friends half way around the world, kitchen appliances with touch-screens connected to the internet — tomorrow’s technology is here now, replacing things we take for granted.

These apps might soon replace personal assistants. They respond to your every command, have a virtual Rolodex of places, names, and facts at their fingertips, and manage all your daily tasks.



Three Awesome Perks from Big Time CEO’s

What is the coolest thing your manager or CEO has ever given you? A free lunch? The chance to work at home? Free samples of whatever your company produces?

Whatever it is, it probably pales in comparison to some of the things big name CEO’s are handing out to their employees these days. Of course we could have found a lot more than three examples of CEO’s being generous – there are plenty of stories out there about bosses divvying up their holiday bonuses, or taking a pay cut to help out with things get tough. But these were the three that had our social media department buzzing, and we thought’d it would be pretty cool to look at the perks being given out in the corporate world. (more…)


Doing iBusiness with MyCorp’s Very Own App!

Happy New Year everyone!

As everyone recovers and begins to remember those resolutions they listed before they went out to celebrate New Year’s Eve, we thought it would be a good idea to help you all with something we’re sure is on a few lists; starting your small business.

Most people tend to put this particular resolution off, seeing it as a daunting behemoth of a task. Sure, you could go online and trudge through all of the research that goes in to starting a business and incorporating, but you’re stuck on that one level of Angry Birds and getting past that seems like it would be a lot more enjoyable. (more…)


Awesome Affiliates: AppAhead

Need to know the best hotel rates in the city you’re about to travel to? There’s an App for that. Want to find the perfect gift for your 5 year anniversary? There’s an App for that.  Ever wonder how many cats you can fit into your Subaru? There’s probably an App for that…

Apps are becoming a quotidian part of, not just our virtual, but tangible lives.  AppAhead is taking the App craze and aiding small businesses in implementing personal Apps tailored to them:

As a Small Business, you need to stay connected with your customers.  In this increasingly mobile and social environment, your customers are turning to their phones and other mobile devices more often, so are you staying ahead of your competition and getting a mobile App for your business?  You should be.  Mobile Apps have exploded in popularity, and it’s not all fun and games.  Sure, you can download a game to your phone to pass time, but take a look at your local fast food restaurant, auto repair shop, or Movie Theater – more than likely they’re sporting an App too.  The latest trend is to make your own App, but that can be very costly to build and maintain if you do the development in-house.  AppAhead is an affordable alternative to doing it all yourself. (more…)


Grow Your Business Using a Mobile Phone

Smartphones, such as the iPhone, Droid and Blackberry, have recently taken networking by storm. Businesses of all sizes are utilizing the new mobile platform in order to increase the frequency and ability with which they can communicate with their customers. By providing information on the mobile platform, customers are able to access this information 24/7 through email, twitter, and mobile applications. Small businesses especially can increase their presence by tailoring their information in order to be compatible with mobile devices. Below are five tips to keep in mind when utilizing the mobile platform. (more…)