How to Leverage Government Contracting Opportunities

How to Leverage Government Contracting Opportunities

By Jeremy Higbee

Even though there are budget problems right now, the government spends a great deal on government contractors, particularly small business owners.  In 2009, the government spent $96.8 billion in contracts with small businesses. That’s a whole lot of money. Any small business owner or entrepreneur would be remiss to not take advantage of that large of a revenue opportunity.

That being said, it’s probably best not to attempt to rely solely on government contracting opportunities as a single source of income for your business. There are companies like Lockheed Martin that develops military weapons, jets, and satellites that rely solely on government contracts that run up into the hundreds of billions. Unless you’re planning on make the next F-35, I wouldn’t put all my eggs in one basket.

Since you’ll be dealing with the government, there’s going to be a lot of paperwork, registering, and seemingly pointless hoops to jump through. Here are the hoops that need to be navigated in order to benefit from Uncle Sam’s federal contracts: