10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Hire College Grads

With the downtrodden economy, daunting unemployment numbers, and hefty student loan debt, recent college graduates have been a hot topic of debate for some time now. With so many people out of work, the job market is flooding with energetic newbie grads and their older, more qualified competition. Recent college graduates begin to feel stuck in the hole of being under-experienced for “entry level” positions with no opportunities available to help gain that experience. It’s critical that employers recognize the wealth of value recent college graduates have to offer as new employees. They may just be what your business is looking for! (more…)


3 Pieces of Internship Advice for New (or Recent) College Grads

For everyone of the class of 2011… or 2010… or 2009, or maybe even 2008, finding a job is going to be a difficult and trying process. Finding someone who will actually pay you money for work is exciting, but the economy is in a volatile state, and has been for a few years. So what should the recent graduate going to do? Graduate schools, years off, and temporary positions in retail and food service are all on the table as newly minted professionals attempt to “wait it out.” Many are also looking to unpaid internships, which are an old source of college credit and experience. In a recent release, the Department of Labor revealed that the only sector of the job market that is truly showing growth is the unpaid internship. More and more are hoping that, with another sentence emblazoned on their résumé, dream jobs will be that much more attainable.

Don’t think that way. While unpaid internships are great when you have something else on your plate, like finishing college, they are simply not worth the time or effort once you are out of school for three main reasons. (more…)