Printed Banners are Excellent Advertising Tools

Business managers around the world are always worrying about how to promote their firm. Excellent advertising is at the heart of any successful company. That is why this aspect of their work is crucial. When it comes to promotions, there are hundreds of different ways to go.

These days, there is a great emphasis on digital advertising and the benefits that come with it. While there are doubtless many advantages to this form of marketing, you should not rely on it alone. Let’s say you were a fisherman and you came across three ponds. What would you do? Would you try to catch fish in just one of the ponds and hope for the best? Or, would you set up nets in all three? The answer is obvious. Now, imagine those ponds were media forms. One is print media; one is digital media, and the last one is outdoor media. You need to set up strategies for each of these things if you want to get a mass customer base. (more…)


How Much Does a Company’s Culture Matter?

From small startups to Fortune 100 corporations, company culture seems to be the topic du jour as of late. But, is all of this airtime really warranted? Does a company’s culture truly matter that much? Who pays attention to this? A recent study jointly conducted by professors at Duke and Columbia Universities found that an overwhelming number of C-level executives believe culture matters—a  lot. So much so, in fact, that they said a potential business merger or acquisition could even fail if the cultures of the two companies involved did not mesh. (more…)


How to Leverage Webinars for Content Marketing

Nowadays, companies all over the world are increasingly using webinars for hosting online meetings, workshops, lectures, presentations and training events. Such web conferences eliminate the necessity for travel, thus saving you money and time. In addition, they allow you to reach participants anywhere in the globe.

However, many companies make the mistake of approaching webinars as one-off events. The fact is that the material from your webinars can come in handy in many different ways for your content marketing strategy. (more…)


Experts Weigh In: What Are Your Predictions for 2016?

We’re a couple weeks into 2016, and we’re already starting to see some trends form. In our industry specifically, we’ve been noticing the following:

1.We are seeing a growth in small business s-corporation elections to minimize the risk of audit and put owners of the business on payroll to save on potential employment taxes. This is a trend because as small businesses incur more expenses (increasing minimum wages in many states, health care costs and the cost of employees), they are looking for ways to save on taxes.  Business owners who put themselves on form an s-corporation and put themselves on payroll are able to save on self-employment taxes because they only pay self-employment taxes on the salaried portion of their income (as long as the salary is reasonable) and not on the remainder of the income.  (more…)


Guidelines for Effective Content Marketing

Content marketing is becoming an increasingly popular marketing strategy for many businesses. More and more companies and individuals are using email newsletters, press releases and social media posts to promote their services and products. Here are some great tips which will help you carry out an effective content marketing campaign. (more…)


How to Enhance Customer Engagement Via Mobile Marketing

As customers transition to buying and communicating via mobile channels, the importance of customer engagement has also increased. Customer engagement is essential in driving sales, and customers who are involved in a positive, engaging customer experience are more likely to offer return business to a company in the future. Today, mobile marketing strategies are becoming increasingly popular to engage customers on the go, and businesses are wise to follow some simple strategies to improve customer engagements via these avenues. (more…)


11 Steps To A More Effective Social Media Engagement

The value of social media in the field of marketing is not just about brand presence or improved sales. The value lies in engagement. No platform has so far allowed different brands and companies to directly engage with the audience as well as social media does. An industry report by Social Media Examiner showed that confidence in social media continues to grow with 83% of marketers integrating social media into their marketing strategies. However, only 37% of marketers say they know how to measure ROI from their social media marketing efforts. In short, they are not sure if they are doing the right thing. While there is improvement in sales, a lot of marketers do not know how to feel about their social media strategy. Case in point is the 43% of marketers who are clueless about what Facebook is doing for them.

But let us not be too hard on ourselves. Social media marketing is a tricky subject as much as it is extraordinary. Gary Vaynerchuk of VaynerMedia said “There is no ROI in anything if you don’t learn how to use it.” So let us take this opportunity to learn about social media and what it is all about — that thing called engagement. (more…)


How To Get More Followers On Twitter For A New Small Business

For new businesses, the idea of starting from scratch building any community on social media can be intimidating.

In fact, sometimes it seems like the first one hundred or so followers will never come!

While some would argue that the numbers don’t matter as long as the followers are targeted, I think all would agree that a large TARGETED following is ideal.

Why exactly is a large following important? (more…)


How Voice-Over Recording Can Help Your Business

What’s the Easiest Way to Resolve Work ConflictsEvery day around the globe, firms and corporations rise to the top or sink to the bottom.  Such rises and falls are attributed not only to external factors but also to the successful or unsuccessful implementation of business plans and to the strategies, marketing goals, estimations and forecasts established by these corporations.  Successful marketing goals and strategies that help companies rise rather than fall choose the right media services that will boost the company’s exposure on the proper media platforms. In search of these services, businesses are finding useful tools and resources to reach wider audiences in many different languages, and one of those primary tools is voice-over recording. (more…)