3 Ways to Ensure Your Online Store is Dinner Party Ready

You can easily imagine the scene. A summer barbecue, meeting new friends and you tell them about your online store that sells your recently written e-book. Impressed, they pull out their smartphones to see your site only to find that your store pages don’t load properly. Don’t get caught unprepared by a situation with such a simple fix. Run through this list of steps and you’ll be proudly displaying your store and making sales at your next social event.
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Grow Your Business Using a Mobile Phone

Smartphones, such as the iPhone, Droid and Blackberry, have recently taken networking by storm. Businesses of all sizes are utilizing the new mobile platform in order to increase the frequency and ability with which they can communicate with their customers. By providing information on the mobile platform, customers are able to access this information 24/7 through email, twitter, and mobile applications. Small businesses especially can increase their presence by tailoring their information in order to be compatible with mobile devices. Below are five tips to keep in mind when utilizing the mobile platform. Continue reading