5 Smart Decisions Small Businesses Need To Make for 2014

5 Smart Decisions Small Businesses Needs To Make for 2014With 2014 looming on the horizon, small businesses need to not only assess the past year’s success and failures, but also plot a path forward. Businesses that have survived a challenging 2013, or even experienced some growth, can take certain steps to ensure and improve growth in the rapidly approaching new year. Here are a few tips to help prepare your small business for success in the coming year.

1) Explore all the options your bank (and competing banks) offer small business owners. Save money and stretch your dollars by choosing the right bank for your business. End of the year is a good time to take a look at the competition and see what offers they might have that would benefit you. Look for low account and transaction fees, low or discounted loan rates, and free direct deposit, among other offers designed to help the small business owner.



3 Small Business Marketing Strategies to Use on Facebook

By Craig Robinson

Small businesses today are being thrown under the bus in many different ways. Expected to pay more taxes, subject to regulations which don’t or won’t affect larger corporations – it’s very tough to even exist in a business atmosphere, much less to actually succeed. And if the pressure coming from every angle doesn’t deter you, then you have to compete with the big boys via marketing for a slice of the pie. How can do you this?

One of the best ways small businesses are targeting their customers is through social media sites like Facebook. With over a billion users, a mobile market quickly expanding, and a low-cost, multi-function ad-delivery medium, Facebook is the perfect spot for small businesses on the rise. Let’s check out a few ways a small business can leverage Facebook for marketing success.



How to Keep Your Business Competitive in a Changing Industry

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You hear of seemingly strong businesses closing up shop all the time. One day everything is normal and the next they’re putting up the dreaded “Thanks for all your support over the years!” sign and locking the doors forever. I just saw it happen to my local bookstore a few months ago. For customers, the big “going out of business” sale might seem to come out of nowhere, but a million factors always come in to play.

In today’s rapidly paced business world, staying relevant and competitive is a big task. Sometimes it can seem like you’re always running uphill just to stay where you are. Many business owners don’t feel like they can keep up which causes them to give up the ghost.

It’s not impossible, however. You can keep up with all the changes in your industry while managing not to get too behind in everything else.


What You’re Missing By Not Having a Server Maintenance Plan

It’s an insanely busy day in the office with everyone called in to work extra hours just so you and your company can keep up with customer demands and all of a sudden… total server shutdown.

It’s a nightmare! Not only can you not get any work done, which means you’ll be behind and possibly lose clients, you’re paying extra for people to just sit around. If only you had a server maintenance plan, you might have been able to avoid this problem.

What is a server maintenance plan? At their most basic, these plans are kind of like warranties or insurance plans, but describing them that way doesn’t really do them justice. With a server maintenance plan, you can make sure that your network is always running optimally, that data won’t be lost, and that you won’t have to suffer through downtime and outages that aren’t scheduled. (more…)


The MyCorp Mixer… in Case you Missed it!

First, we want to send out a HUGE ‘Thank You’ to everyone who made our mixer an outstanding success. Our video production was taken care of by the amazingly talented Envision Productions, and our entertainment was very kindly provided by the musical experts at City Connection Entertainment and Productions. Also, if the food in our slideshow makes your mouth water, check out Bella Donna Special Events – their amazing catering left everyone well fed and happy.

And, of course, there wouldn’t have even been a mixer if it wasn’t for all of you who came by to chat, eat, and drink with us. It was a blast talking with all of the local business owners and getting to know our local community of entrepreneurs. We were also elated to give away a free iPad to the winner of our Business Card Raffle – the very lucky David Brauer, husband of our very own Lisa Brauer! (more…)


So You Graduated… Now What?

Graduation season is upon us, and with it comes the heaps and mounds of posts telling graduates what they should have done while in school and what they should do now. Bloggers are rarely invited to give commencement speeches, so we have to make our own opportunities to dole out our own pearls of wisdom.

The MyCorp Social Media department is pretty young – one of us only graduated a year ago, another of us got out two years ago, and our final member is still in school. We’ve noticed that our generation is particularly freaked out about getting a job and, since we’re employed (hurray hurray!), we decided to try and give our younger readers some advice.

Just be warned; your next few months are going to be rocky. (more…)


RSVP to the MyCorporation Entrepreneur Social on 7/21!

Here at MyCorporation, we believe that great minds think alike and greater minds enjoy exchanging stories together over drinks. This coming Thursday, July 21st, we cordially invite you to visit us for our Entrepreneur Social. We’ll be inviting some of Southern California’s (and beyond!) best and brightest small business owners for an afternoon of delicious appetizers and wine. Mingle over martinis while sharing stories of your own entrepreneurial success with the community! Bring a friend from the office along and call us to RSVP for the summer’s biggest networking social!

The event will be hosted from 4pm-7pm. Additional non-alcoholic beverages will be included. The MyCorporation office can be found at 23586 Calabasas Rd., Suite 102, Calabasas, CA 91302. Please leave us a comment here on our blog, Tweet us on Twitter, or call us at (818) 224-7639 for more information.

Hope to see you there!


10 Ways To Effectively Market Your Home-Based Business

There isn’t any big secret to getting your business brand and name out there these days, especially with so many social networking websites available at your disposal. If anything, it’s only getting easier! Not only easy, marketing a home-based business is more affordable than ever to work with, made possible with great word of mouth and social media. We scoured the web in search of a few good tips on marketing and found plenty, most of which we incorporate into our own line of work.

1. Know and Believe in Your Business Inside and Out

You just started a home-based business. Congrats! Now, er, what is it that I’m selling or providing others?

If you don’t know or if you do and just aren’t passionate about it, then how can you expect your business to take off? We know and understand our business like the backs of our hands and are always ready to describe ways that entrepreneurs can begin forming an LLC or corporation with the help of MyCorporation. When you care for and are inspired by the work that you do, it shows and others will be able to pick up on it. Moreover, they’ll want to be involved with what you do and are more willing to support a company that believes in what it does and the services it provides.



Gen Y and Small Businesses: Together We Can Make a Difference!

Marshall McLuhan is famous for stating that “the medium is the message”, a phrase that means that the form a message takes ultimately affects the way in which it is perceived. Gen Y, or the Millennials, of today’s society know backwards and forwards that if you want to have your voice heard and heard in large numbers, the best way to achieve this is through networking through social media outlets. Today, everyone who is out to make a name for their selves is creating a Facebook fan page and updating their status. They’re Tweeting live every hour on the hour, blogging to an audience of thousands, even creating podcasts on iTunes for those on the go to download and listen to when they’re on the road or at the gym or even on their lunch break. Today’s generation is logged on, signed in, and synced up 24/7 to all of the latest news and trending reports- and not only do they love it, they rule these virtual realities.

Big businesses have taken note of social media practices and are now integrating it into their work force, creating positions for tech-savvy individuals in the areas of SEO and SEM content production. They’re even offering creative media and graphic design internships for individuals and students who need the experience to pursue their career with. Most businesses today understand that social networking is here to stay and with dozens of reputable sites to work with, fewer and far in between do you find a company without a blog or Twitter account. (more…)