Is Your Office Harboring a ‘Michael Phelps’?

Poor Michael Phelps – after a dismal fourth place showing at the Men’s 400 M race in the London 2012 Olympics, everyone is talking about the new golden boy, American Ryan Lochte, and wondering how Phelps will make up ground from his abysmal fourth place finish. Phelps’ performance in the water has been the focus of most Olympic coverage since Saturday. He may have shrugged off his loss by just calling it ‘a crappy race,’ but it was probably a little bit more than that considering Phelps only started training again six months ago, and commentators have been talking about his poor performance during the qualifiers. So, since everyone else is talking about it, we figured that we could shoehorn the topic into our own blog by helping our readers figure out if they have a ‘Michael Phelps’ situation in their own office. (more…)


Three Ways to Follow the Olympics from the Comfort of Your Desk

The Summer Olympics come but once every four years, and social media has evolved fast since 2008’s games. Facebook had only just cracked 200 million active users, overtaking MySpace for the first time. Twitter was also really beginning to grow with six million users, and many of us often spent hours staring at the infamous ‘Fail Whale’ wondering how the heck this service was going to make money. YouTube, though well established, had only just begun to make a name for itself as a source of Olympic coverage as people who had never used the service began passing links to the outstanding opening ceremony at Beijing.

And now, in 2012, most of these services have matured. Social media is the number one activity on the internet, and the International Olympic Committee has decided to release (some very strict) guidelines on social media to its athletes. But despite the muzzle, there are still a few great ways for you to get your Olympic fix, even from your work desk. (more…)