Half Full or Half Empty?

Half Full or Half Empty?Life is unquestionably half full. Expecting good things to happen will lead to taking actions that produce positive outcomes. I believe that we should recognize that every day we wake up and know that our glass is half full.

My mom told me about a fable where a frog falls into a bucket of milk. Rather than giving up and drowning, the frog optimistically kicked and kicked trying to get out. He remained calm and tried to find a solution. He kicked and kicked and swam and kicked until he was able to hop out because the milk turned to butter! I interpret this to mean that if you are pessimistic and give up; you will essentially “drown.” However, if you believe in yourself, you can do anything.

As demonstrated in the picture above it is impossible for the glass to be half empty. It is either half full or completely full.

If we look at situations as half full or challenges as opportunities, we will discover that optimism is a way of life. The glass is, in fact, half full.


E is for Entrepreneur

We had a slight hiatus from our weekly ABC’s of small business, but this week we’re back with the letter E! And what better to immediately come to mind than our favorite type of person, the one who takes the plunge and follows their heart to start up that side project they’ve been hard at work at and are passionate about, than the entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs are the backbone behind any great business, big or small. They organize and operate a business, monitor the activities within it, and take financial risks to starting up their company and keeping it going and the great word of mouth spreading.

How can you tell if you’re an entrepreneur at heart? You may have a few of these characteristics: (more…)