Unfulfilled Business Prophecies Throughout the Years

We aren’t really sure how business pundits come up with the prophecies they espouse on prime time cable news shows. Perhaps it has something to do with tracking the stars, seeking out the fortune teller at the local Roma encampment, and gazing misty-eyed into a magical crystal ball. Or maybe it has more to do with tracking current trends and hoping that they are applicable to a wider array of companies than currently being affected.

Of course, there is always the old “throw a dart at a piece of paper and read out the results” trick. While this method may not be quite as accurate, it seems to the go-to plan for some corporate prophets.

How else would we have gotten the following four failed business predictions over the years? (more…)


The 5 Benefits of Freebies for Small Businesses


Today is National Donut Day and all throughout the country, the scent of glazed and sprinkled deliciousness is flooding our nostrils. These lighter than air confections are available from tasty donut shops like Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme for the low, low price of zero dollars today. As in, FREE! On a Friday?

Now wait just one minute. Why is today free donut day? Why did companies decide June 3rd was the best day to give away free donuts? And how late is my Dunkin’ open till again? (more…)