MyCorp's Interview with Vegas Morning Blend!

Happy New Year! We hope you had a great holiday season. Now that it’s over, what should you do now? If you haven’t done so yet, consider making a new year’s resolution for your business! Our CEO Deborah Sweeney visited the set of The Morning Blend in Las Vegas to discuss all the great things MyCorporation has to offer in the new year, as well as reasons why you should incorporate your business! Tips include the benefits of incorporation including separating your business from your personal assets, as well as helpful tax information. Start this year off with a bang and incorporate your business! Check out the interview by clicking here!


Five Ways to Keep Your Business Out of Court

Starting a business is fun and exciting for most entrepreneurs. However this feeling of euphoria will quickly retreat if your business is sued. The court room is the obvious enemy of the small business owner. However, fear not! By following these five simple rules you can avoid facing the courtroom so you can focus on the success of your business.

1. Be very cognizant of your business image. Owners and employees should avoid making any public announcements or conducting any business that might be considered questionable. Avoid things such as making slanderous statements or having unnecessary contact with customers. This includes limiting possible conflicts of interest. Situations such as these can damage the integrity of your business and land you in legal turmoil. To avoid legal action, do the job your business was created to do in a professional and neutral manner. (more…)