Guest Post: How to Improve Your Cold Calling Results

Your company may be one where routine cold calls contribute to your business and keep new customers coming in. But when it comes to cold calls, your staff probably hears more “no” responses than “yes” when you’d like it to be the reverse. Whether you have an outbound call center or a single employee who focuses on cold calls, these tips can help improve your results. (more…)


How to Write an Elevator Pitch That Lifts You Up

Oh, the elevator pitch. Everyone is supposed to have one – tucked away in their back pocket, ready to be unleashed. Typically most elevator pitches have been hanging on with their writers since college,  hurriedly scribbled down the night before class. They’ll tweak it depending on the occasion, but after a while the delivery goes stale.

Disclaimer: It may not be appropriate to give your pitch in an actual elevator.

Minds always begin to wander the minute an opener like ‘Our company represents the future of…’ is uttered anyway. (more…)


My Job Title, Myself

“What do you do?”

A loaded question. In many cases it’s easier to do the duties of the job you were hired for than explain what this position has you do all day to someone. Stating your job title is simple enough but even that can be difficult in defining what the roles within that title entail. Especially if you have a job title that isn’t easy to figure out in the first place. Account executive, digital outreach coordinator, community evangelist- with such overwrought, seemingly important sounding position names figuring out what the job at hand really is can get lost in translation. Take our 3 tips when it comes to decoding the mystery behind the question, “So, what is it you do exactly?” (more…)