4 Things to Never Say to an Angry Customer

Every minute of every day, there is always a customer that isn’t entirely pleased with the service that he is getting. Whether it is about food, some clothes, internet service, or anything else, it is practically written in stone that someone will find something to complain about at some point. And whenever a customer gets angry and things get hairy, it is the customer service team who has the job to address the problem and keep everybody happy. Part of that role is being able to understand the customer’s woes and knowing what to do in order to fix them; yet another part is simply knowing what NOT to say so that things don’t get even worse. Here are a few lines that are best left unsaid during customer service interactions.

1)“What was the problem again?”
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Find a Problem, Create a Solution

Author’s Note: This is the second in my series of “Marketing From The Front” blog posts for MyCorporation.com. If you missed the previous blog post: “How to Get Started With Your Marketing Planning”, click here to find it.

Once you’ve accumulated your knowledge about the specific business you intend to start, you’ll quickly realize that there are a number of ways you can go to start creating some revenue.

How do you decide which path to take first?
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