Business Basics: How to Start a Non-Profit Corporation

We have written on non-profit corporations before, but as we only dedicated a sliver of a paragraph to how you actually form a non-profit, we felt the topic was worth revisiting. A non-profit corporation is a great way to fulfill a philanthropic pursuit, and if you are looking at dedicating your life to charity, then running a non-profit may be right up your alley. Forming a non-profit corporation is actually very similar to forming a regular corporation.


Step 1. Find a business name

Your non-profit is going to need a name just like with any other standard corporation. That name needs to be unique and, typically, has to include the a designator like ‘Corporation’ or ‘Incorporated,’ though not all states require that.

Step 2. File your Articles of Incorporation

After you’ve confirmed that your corporate name is available, you have to actually form the corporation by filing what is normally known as your Articles of Incorporation. The forms usually aren’t too complicated, and normally just ask for the names and addresses of the corporation, its registered agent, and its directors, as well as the corporation’s purpose for existing.



The Real Value of an Entrepreneur’s Time

By Jeremy Ames, President & Co-founder, Guidant Financial

Entrepreneurs are typically go-getters… producers that can figure out what needs to be done and execute it. They also tend to struggle with letting things go at times.

Why is that? Most entrepreneurs don’t value their own personal time highly enough. Their strength of doing more with less can sometimes be a hindrance when it leads to spending time working on tasks that aren’t important to complete, are easily delegated or where outsourced options exist that deliver higher quality in half the time.


Guest Post: 5 Hot Business Ethics Issues of 2012

Business ethics within corporations deal with the code of values a company adopts. They determine how the company operates and what it will potentially achieve in the long term. This year, businesses are faced with many difficult ethical questions and must understand the trends in industry as well as how to handle tough situations. In moral grey areas, businesses must take a stand on issues of all types, some of which include:

1) Honesty, Integrity, and Fairness



Awesome Affiliates: SalesGuard

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Keep it Simple…Do What You Know!

Looking for work? Unhappy with your current job? Searching for the next big idea? People are ready to start their own businesses today! In fact, in these tough economic times, the amount of entrepreneurs in the U.S. is up. The question that stops many people from starting their own business is usually “What exactly will my company do?” The answer to this question is often more simple than it seems. Do what you know! If you have years worth of experience, interest, and contacts in a certain field, make that the perfect business for you. If you love making baked goods, maybe you could own a bakery. If you have a pristine garden, maybe landscaping your community will be your business idea. Maybe you’re a fashionista, and high end fashion is in your future. Similarly, 2 fashionable women noticed a niche in the fashion world and now have a thriving business, even amidst the recession. Take a look at this article excerpt: (more…)