Business Basics: Trade Dress

This week we thought it’d be a good idea to look at one of the most important parts of a product’s branding, its trade dress. You are affected by trade dress every single day, whether you realize it or not. If we describe a white coffee cup with a green circle on it, you’ll know it’s from Starbucks. Or if we show you a bag with a red square and yellow arches, you’ll think McDonalds. Essentially, trade dress is the various characteristics that make up a product’s or package’s appearance. But how do you protect your own trade dress? And does building a brand mean marrying that packaging?

Trade Dress
We bet you still know what company this is.

Why should you build trade dress recognition?
Because your company needs a way to immediately distinguish itself. Your brand embodies all of the goodwill and trust you’ve built into your company, and something as simple as a color, font, or even the shape of your product’s box can evoke all of those feelings within whatever customer is looking at your product. That’s why you want your trade dress to be consistent over all of your properties. Your logo, signage, site, and product packaging should all be built around some common element that inextricably ties your business with your product or service.



Bite-Size Business Resolutions for the New Year

So we are now entering week two of the New Year, and we have to ask; how are those resolutions coming along?

When the office parties end, the work begins again.

Be honest now – Are you finding your drive to go to the gym at four every morning is long gone? Do you look up pictures of your favorite fast foods and longingly wish you could visit those beautiful golden arches one more time?

Most of us will hit a wall, or three, when it comes to keeping our resolutions. So rather than focusing on huge hurdles like losing 50 pounds or completely cutting sweets out of your diet, you should instead make more small, attainable goals. That way you can actually check things off that New Year’s list you made two weeks ago!

With that sage advice in mind, we proudly present four little resolutions that can go a long way for your business. (more…)