How to Deal With Work Related Stress

How to Deal With Work Related StressOccupational or work-related stress is something most of us have to face each day in some way or form. Heavy workloads, extra hours spent in the office, or even taking work home, and the pressure of impending deadlines can push us closer to the edge. Did you know that absences from work attributed to stress multiplied between 1995 and 2004, and that most heart attacks occur on Mondays.

People can get stressed on work for variety of reasons that may include their job roles, tasks that require more time spent on the job, bad interpersonal relationships within the team, poor management style from those in charge, environmental factors or career concerns, like job insecurity. These stressors lead to a less satisfied and ultimately less productive workforce.

It is important to take stress seriously and to try to find a way to alleviate stress that suits you best.  Here are a few simple techniques that can help you to relax and focus better.



Bite-Size Business Resolutions for the New Year

So we are now entering week two of the New Year, and we have to ask; how are those resolutions coming along?

When the office parties end, the work begins again.

Be honest now – Are you finding your drive to go to the gym at four every morning is long gone? Do you look up pictures of your favorite fast foods and longingly wish you could visit those beautiful golden arches one more time?

Most of us will hit a wall, or three, when it comes to keeping our resolutions. So rather than focusing on huge hurdles like losing 50 pounds or completely cutting sweets out of your diet, you should instead make more small, attainable goals. That way you can actually check things off that New Year’s list you made two weeks ago!

With that sage advice in mind, we proudly present four little resolutions that can go a long way for your business. (more…)